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Extensive Javascript Roadmap

Showrin Barua
Showrin Barua / February 24, 2022
2 min read----

Extensive Javascript Roadmap by Showrin

As a Junior Frontend Engineer, I struggled so much to find out what things I should learn first. I believe there are many engineers who are dealing with the same problem. Recently, I was mentoring some junior engineers) in my current workplace.

I prepared this topic-wise roadmap for them. But I thought to share it with everyone. Maybe it’ll help someone struggling with proper guidelines.

JS Basic

  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Constant
  • Conditions
  • Loop
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Functions

JS Object

  • Objects & This (call by value, call by reference)
  • Methods of object
  • Implement built-in methods of js object by yourself

JS Array

  • Arrays (Queue, Stack) (call by value, call by reference)
  • Methods of Arrays
  • Implement built-in methods of js array by yourself

JS Function

  • Function & Arrow Function & this (call by value, call by reference, modules)
  • Methods of Function
  • Implement built-in methods of js function by yourself


Object-Oriented JS (OOJS)

  • Prototypes
  • Prototypical inheritance
  • Prototypes Chain
  • Classes
  • Constructor
  • Super
  • Access Modifiers (Private, Protected, Public)
  • Getter
  • Setter
  • Inheritance

Dealing with Network Calls

  • API
  • HTTP Methods
  • API Status Codes
  • Ajax
  • XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Request object
  • Response
  • Fetch API
    • Headers
    • Request
    • Response
  • JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Workflow of JWT

Asynchronous Javascript

  • Callback
  • Problems with callback
  • Promise
  • Problems with Promise
  • Methods of Promise
  • Async-await
  • Problems with Promise
  • Error Handling (try … catch … finally)
  • Throttle
  • Debounce
  • CORS

Javascript Compilation Flow

  • JS is Single-threaded asynchronous and How
  • How does JS compile things
  • Hoisting
  • Closure
  • Event loop
  • setTimeout
  • setInterval

Web storage used in JS

  • Session storage
  • Methods of Session storage
  • Local storage
  • Methods of Local storage
  • Cookies
  • Methods of Cookies
  • Indexdb
  • Methods of Indexdb

HTML & DOM Manipulation

  • Basic HTML Elements
  • DOM Events of these elements
  • Semantic HTML
  • JS Custom Events with HTML Dom events
  • Server-sent event (SSE)

Best Coding Practices

Advance Concepts

  • Web worker
  • Methods and properties of Web worker
  • Websocket
  • Methods and properties of Web socket
  • Regex
  • JSON

A Spoiler

I am thinking to write articles on each of the topics I’ve given above. I’ll try to use proper illustrations and demonstrations to explain them. Stay tuned 😊


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